Upset? How To Get Out Of Pain

If you really have to, think about why you are upset, rather than what or who upset you. Get out of pain.

So we may be upset and wonder how to get out of pain. It is imprisonment, we are caged in and pushed into this feeling.

Nothing we do can seem to shake it off.

So we look outside — something which is of human nature — it could be easier to deal with our pain as if it is something external that is imposing on us.

Of course. It would be so simple if this struggle was caused by another entity other than our own selves. Then we need not take personal ownership. We would not need to do much about it.

Consequently, we continue as the victim and continue to accept the pain. Worse, we attract ongoing pain.

The time has come to look within — to return to that inner person who chooses their own experience, who would participate with life with wellness and betterment at heart.

To start with, perhaps we could take a closer look at our own nerves as part of us. They convey pain to us, yes, but only to help us! They could prevent us from touching fire, falling off a cliff or eating too much fast food.

Here is our power within — where we can understand pain to then decide what is good for us to take in and what is not. Here, is the opportunity to not just heal from pain, but to act with Love and courage.

For example, when we see that someone’s harsh words against us are making us angry, we can learn to build our own confidence to accept ourself as our best self.

Things will probably upset us when we take things personally.

The rain does not fall on you to disturb your walk. Its function is way larger.

The Government does not increase its taxes to torture your household. Its function is way larger.

That stranger behind you at the crowded train station did not step on your heel to hurt your foot. Her function is way larger.

Do we really want to take things personally in life? Perhaps, that may be a good thing — if we may learn more about ourselves. More, if we can better parts of ourselves to heal and grow.

“If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.”
  – Aldous Huxley, 1894 – 1963, Writer, Philospoher

“If you really have to, think about why you are upset, rather than what or who upset you.” – Vishal Singh


Vishal Singh

Writer and Co-Founder of The Purple Bridge. I believe that connectivity with our personal selves elevates connectivity with others. The path of my travel toward a deeper life started with the road to self-discovery when I realized that the only way to experience my dreams as reality was to take personal ownership. I write, as well as read, to engage with you - to encourage us to live deeply.

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