What Your Soul Is Telling You

Your soul is the mother. Your feelings is the child. You can play with your feelings, but only your soul knows how to guide them.“Clarity is the ability to see the soul in action in the physical world.”

Gary Zukav, Writer/Author, Public Speaker

Your soul is not telling you what to do or not do.

She simply shows you possibilities of what your thoughts and actions may amount to, with Love.

She reminds you through your feelings where you have come from and who you are and so, not really giving you instructions on how to be happy, but urging you to stick to being (more…)

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How To Experience More From Each Moment

When you travel leave your knowledge behind so you may experience more. And when you return home, do the same. This way, you will always be travelling.

“The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.”

Robert M. Pirsig, Writer/Author, Philosopher

Travel and escapades, they happen every now and then.

Some of us prefer the travel, some of us, prefer the comfort of home. Some of us also prefer the to and fro, the transit.

Few of us will surf in synchrony upon the waves of change and experience more — each moment as it is, perfectly. It is a skill. (more…)

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Convert Your Negative Experience To Positive

It takes two 'minus' signs to make one 'plus' sign! It's time to turn your blessed negativity into positivity! - negative experience

“You’re going to go through tough times — that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events.”

Joel Osteen, Author – NY Times Bestseller, TV Evangelist, Senior Pastor

The best way to come out of hardship and struggle is to make something of it!

To be aware and shake hands in friendship with any negative experience —

OPTIMISTICALLY transforms it into your growth and evolution as a thriving soul. (more…)

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Letting Silence Speak For You

Silence is where you speak the clearest. Silence is where you experience all that there is. For, herein, you face your honest self.“I think that no matter what you write, it requires being honest with oneself, and you have to pull yourself out of the whirlwind of daily life.”

Iris Chang, 1968 – 2004, Author, Journalist, Historian

Often, we find our thoughts clouded when they meet with responses and expressions of the world’s inevitable confusion. The world’s inevitable confusion is a cloud of energy by itself. I suspect it is created when we look for truth outside of ourselves. And, of course, it is a world of inevitable confusion — (more…)

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Whom To Trust? Them Or You?

When you close your eyes, when you fold your hands in prayer, and do something onwards, you know you've got it right! You are no longer translating your senses, you are trusting God, the heavens and the angels. - Trust

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway, 1899 – 1961, Author, Nobel Prize Winner (Literature)

Trust is a hard thing to do, since it means letting go of yourself, surrendering yourself, your control, all of you.

Herein is the divine paradox — become and be yourself but trust the universal, divine power within your life.

There is one other truth — (more…)

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A Practical Way To Experience What You Believe In

Your practice is your experience. Greed, when practiced becomes your experience of inadequacy. Gratitude, when practiced becomes your experience of abundance. - believe in“There are those who say that seeing is believing. I am telling you that believing is seeing.”

Neale Donald Walsch, Author (Conversations With God series), Public Speaker

In order to live the life of your dreams, you may need to get in touch with what you believe in.

You may need to practice what you believe in. Your practice is your experience.

A smile, smiled, becomes your (more…)

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Finding Your Home In The Universe

Your thoughts are of awareness which you may lead. Your experience is of trust which you may grant. Your life, is the union of your awareness and your willingness to trust. - Universe

“There is only one thing for us to do, and that is to do our level best right where we are every day of our lives; To use our best judgment, and then to trust the rest to that Power which holds the forces of the universe in his hands.”

Orison Swett Marden, 1850 – 1924, New Thought Writer

The Universe, the Source, God and the Angels — all as one — ultimately, the big ocean.

And we are one of many rivers and streams that come from and return to it. (more…)

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The Balm Of A Peaceful Heart

Only a peaceful heart can overcome tired body and heavy mind.

“The thousand mysteries around us would not trouble but interest us, if only we had cheerful, healthy hearts.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844 – 1900, Philosopher

When we keep peace within our hearts, we automatically look at our world that way.

And though there is hunger, destitution and sorrow, we may still be at peace. And this peace may certainly lift us above and beyond in our experiences. (more…)

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The Bridge That Connects You And Me

Self-awareness is the bridge between you and me.“People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves. Self-awareness, which means awareness of their body, awareness of their mental space, awareness of their relationships – not only with each other, but with life and the ecosystem.”

Deepak Chopra, Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual advocate

We are all trying to understand each other.

We are also trying to understand ourselves.

It is the same thing. (more…)

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Can Spirituality Be A Practical Way Of Living?

What is spirituality and what is the soul? It is the bridge between the heart and the mind - to discover, not to hold. - Practical Spirituality“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881 – 1955, Philosopher, Paleontologist

If we may cause discomfort, distress and hurt to others, then we may also be capable of causing discomfort, distress and hurt to ourselves. And if others may cause the same in us, they too will feel it.

Our natural connection with each other is what makes this possible. The truth is, we affect each other! (more…)

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