Your Soul Or Your Ego?

Your Ego whispers into your ear and tells you things to do that he can't do himself. Your Soul makes it loud and clear that you do not need to do anything for it is all here before you, done, and to celebrate!“Ego gets you inches but it doesn’t get you impact.” – Cameron Sinclair, Co-founder of Architecture for Humanity

How will we ever be happy, if we fail to witness the happiness that comes naturally from us?

And, instead obey an Imposter! who promises us that the title of happiness is a reward that must be earned.

Your ego is forever thirsty because he is too proud to sip from his own resources.

Your soul, your true self, knows of the eternal fountain springing inside, and is (more…)

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What Your Soul Is Telling You

Your soul is the mother. Your feelings is the child. You can play with your feelings, but only your soul knows how to guide them.“Clarity is the ability to see the soul in action in the physical world.”

Gary Zukav, Writer/Author, Public Speaker

Your soul is not telling you what to do or not do.

She simply shows you possibilities of what your thoughts and actions may amount to, with Love.

She reminds you through your feelings where you have come from and who you are and so, not really giving you instructions on how to be happy, but urging you to stick to being (more…)

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Living A Life Of Personal Ownership

Take Personal Ownership

“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual you have an obligation to be one.”

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884 – 1962, First Lady of the United States (former), Politician, Human Rights Activist

It is how we react to activity in life that creates experience.

Activity, most often is what we invite;

we choose to partake in affairs that feed our soulful desires.

You can be your best self, and design your (more…)

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