Stop Waiting For Your Dream To Come True

If you can't practice what you preach, the preach more till you practice it.“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”

Paulo Coehlo, Writer/Novelist, Lyricist

The power of a dream is not just experienced in its achievement, but within its entire belief spectrum — from conception to journey to attainment.

There is no need to wait for proof as result, whether it is here yet or not. Faith and affirmation are enough —

but you must keep on behaving as if it is yours; you can do this by surrounding your present world with all the voices of your dream and speaking it as your truth — with personal conviction!

Therein is your devotion and dedication toward your dream that makes it exist as your reality.

Live as though the dream is yours, get used to it! Yes! It is coming… true!

“If you can’t practice what you preach, then preach more till you practice it.” – Vishal Singh


Vishal Singh

Writer and Co-Founder of The Purple Bridge. I believe that connectivity with our personal selves elevates connectivity with others. The path of my travel toward a deeper life started with the road to self-discovery when I realized that the only way to experience my dreams as reality was to take personal ownership. I write, as well as read, to engage with you - to encourage us to live deeply.

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