Perceive Good Feelings To Receive Good Feelings

The bigger your gratitude cup toward good feelings, the more good feelings the Universe will pour to it.

Gratitude is not just a general function of the heart and mind. But, a continuous, every moment practice that deserves dedicated focus on our good feelings.

When we look at things with a sense of openness and a meticulously thankful heart, there comes a healthy perception.

In this moment, try with all your heart, to look at all of what you have in your life, both past and present. And, feel the joy of having them in this  particular moment. And do this every time.

When we may acknowledge all of what has been given to us, with open-hearted joy, without any regard to what has not been, then we are practicing the art of gratitude. The art of living a happy life. This is a joy within us and need not be retrieved from the need of our desires being fulfilled at all.

When we look at what we do not have, what we should have, what we deserve but cannot have — all such feelings of inadequacy are taking up a wealth of space in your gratitude cup. Like a giant bubble of nothingness, not-havingness!

If our cup is full with not-havingness, then there will be no room for us to receive more of what we desire.

The simplest way of receiving more of what we Love is to focus on what has already been given to us, with Love.

Whether it is a good education provided by our parents or our healthy body that enables us to make direct choices in life toward convenient experiences: these truths exist plentifully.

When we fill our thoughts with these truths, they will graciously knock out all the beliefs of wanting that comes from lacking that we are projecting out to life. The grateful thoughts will, in turn become more and more of our reality.

These grateful sensations will attract all that we Love — the magnetic pull coming from a happy feeling of what we have, wishing for more of that, receiving more of that.

We end up painting, on our canvas of life, what we seek for as our happiness — just by having good feelings. And, it will become reality — not just in the result of the painting, but as a result of our enjoyment of painting it, which is where most of our reality exists.

The cup is in your hands.

Perception is reality.

“The grateful mind is constantly fixated upon the best.  Therefore it tends to become the best. It takes the form or character from the best, and will receive the best.”

Wallace Wattles, 1860 – 1911, Author/Writer (New Thought)

“The bigger your gratitude cup toward good feelings, the more good feelings the Universe will pour to it.” – Vishal Singh


Vishal Singh

Writer and Co-Founder of The Purple Bridge. I believe that connectivity with our personal selves elevates connectivity with others. The path of my travel toward a deeper life started with the road to self-discovery when I realized that the only way to experience my dreams as reality was to take personal ownership. I write, as well as read, to engage with you - to encourage us to live deeply.

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