May Conflict Be Of Interest To You?

Conflict has a unique power to align your inner wish with your life process. It is your divine companion, your well-wisher.We all Love watching movies and reading storybooks, novels; we Love the thrills and adventures they provide. Often, we would walk out of its experience as a changed person.

Behind each story, each adventure, there exists a pivotal driving force — conflict. And such is conflict in our lives.

Oftentimes, we would think only of walking away from it. Sometimes, we would try to put its fire out.

In moving away from conflict in everyday life,

comfort and normalcy may become our chosen journey. And the adventurous dreams are left only to be experienced in limited quantities of the ‘free times’ we allow ourselves to have.

Conflict is what urges us to travel beyond our comfort zone. It is the quest of the soul.

We may not always be in touch with our soul. But, our soul is always in touch with us, just as God, the angels and the Universe.

And, She will try her all to gain our attention, until we ourselves realize that there are thorns on our bed of roses, pricking us —

not to hurt us, but to alert us to WAKE UP! and take on all the conflicts ahead that are presenting pathways to our spiritual jubilation!

“Happiness is a garden walled with glass: there’s no way in or out. In Paradise there are no stories, because there are no journeys. It’s loss and regret and misery and yearning that drive the story forward, along its twisted road.”

– Taken from the novel ‘The Blind Assassin’ by Margaret Atwood, Novelist, Poet, Environmental Activist

“Conflict has a unique power to align your inner wish with your life process. It is your divine companion, your well-wisher.” – Vishal Singh


Vishal Singh

Writer and Co-Founder of The Purple Bridge. I believe that connectivity with our personal selves elevates connectivity with others. The path of my travel toward a deeper life started with the road to self-discovery when I realized that the only way to experience my dreams as reality was to take personal ownership. I write, as well as read, to engage with you - to encourage us to live deeply.

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