If You Are Happy, You Are All-Right!

It is more important to do things for the right reasons than to do the right things. You are happy“Happiness is our birthright. The purpose of life is to be happy.”

Tenzin Gyatso, a.k.a. Dalai Lama, Buddhist Leader, Humanitarian, Peacemaker

You may not find treasure immediately.

It may seduce you in a mystical adventure!

Your duty is not to figure out right from wrong.

It is simply to enjoy your journey.

When you are in joy-mode, you are celebrating life; the joy you feel will extend to others. Naturally.

If your dream is to make people happy, this is the surest way of accomplishing it — to engage enthusiastically in what you feel great with!

Alternatively, you may ‘think’ of what is ‘appropriate’ and engage in sacrifice-mode; surely they will feel the dismay too.

The time has come to live your best life — with your best self — with the best crowd!

Your happiness is your birthright!

“It is more important to do things for the right reasons than to do the right things.” – Vishal Singh


Vishal Singh

Writer and Co-Founder of The Purple Bridge. I believe that connectivity with our personal selves elevates connectivity with others. The path of my travel toward a deeper life started with the road to self-discovery when I realized that the only way to experience my dreams as reality was to take personal ownership. I write, as well as read, to engage with you - to encourage us to live deeply.

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